Home sweet first home – Having the right stuff makes this move all the sweeter.

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Moving into your first home? How exciting! Surely you’re thrilled to create a space that reflects your style. The smart start, however, is with the basics. So while spatulas and hand soap aren’t topping anyone’s wish list, having them at hand definitely increases the new home enjoyment factor.

It’s amazing how many things you reach for every day that won’t be in your new place unless you put them there—tape, phone charger, a spoon. Clearly, you’ll need a list. Check out Rent.com’s bare-bones 20 first apartment essentials. It includes the obvious to the easily overlooked: A bed you wouldn’t forget, but toothpaste might slip your mind.

Personalize the list by mentally walking through each room (or turning around in your studio apartment a few times as the case may be), adding items you expect to find there. For example, we noticed window coverings, especially for the sleeping area, aren’t on the list but are a definite must-have!

The list will be long, and that leads us to another home—first or otherwise—essential: organizing. Start organized to stay organized. Allocate storage based on how you use it, not on how something is labeled for use. For example, we heard of non-cooks using the oven for sweater storage, true story! A laundry basket and trash bins are pretty much necessities, so add them to the list. A hot organizing trend is the Kon-Mari Kon-Mari method; even the perpetually disorganized will find readily doable ideas here. We found the folding and stacking methods are pure genius, especially for small spaces.

Now plan for those dreamy decorating ideas. Try out different styles. Inspiration abounds on Pinterest and blogs so head to the web. Choose small, temporary projects that change easily when your style moves on. Check out Popsugar’s list of chic apartment-friendly hacks for fresh ideas. Removable wallpaper = sheer brilliance!

To keep countertops clear and let your style shine through, we can’t help but recommend MyShower products. No more fumbling for the soap or toothbrush, with MyShower products, every item is at hand when you need it. Use MyHeadstand for shampoo and conditioner to use every drop, a budget-savvy bonus you’ll appreciate in your first home and every home.

Independence Day Then and Now (Happy Independence Day!)

Ah, Summer. One of our four favorite seasons. There are so many thing to love about this time of year: reading a good book under a shady tree, the smell of freshly mown grass, bike rides, thunder storms, little league baseball, lounging on the beach, picnics. We could go on. But one of the best things about summer is July 4th, Independence Day. When it comes to holidays, this one has the biggest bang for the buck (pardon the pun).

Remember when you were little, waiting impatiently until it was dark enough to light the sparklers? Of course there was the delicious distraction of the July 4th backyard cookout. Watching dad set the charcoal ablaze, and once the coals were good and hot, he’d get the hamburgers and hotdogs going. Mom would bring the potato salad and the sweet lemony iced tea out and place them on the red, white, and blue tablecloth. The food seemed to taste even better outside. And to finish things off, fresh slabs of watermelon.

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Things have changed since then. Our backyard barbeque menus now include things like baby back ribs with espresso barbeque sauce, tarragon potato salad, and watermelon with feta, mint and chili. And we’ve got some pretty impressive grills—our favorite is a combination gas-on-one-side, charcoal-on-the-other. But in the end, it’s still all about fun, family, and great memories.

By the way, the My Shower MyHook is perfect for keeping your barbeque utensils close at hand: just stick a couple of MyHooks to the non-heated parts of your grill, and if there isn’t already one there, tie a piece of string to the handles of your spatula and tongs to slip over the MyHook, and voila, no more juggling utensils.

Happy Independence Day!

And may we humbly suggest declaring your independence from your old shower caddy! Go rustproof and mildew resistant with the flexible MyShower organizing system. Your shower will celebrate all year long.