Have you caught Tiny House fever? How MyShower can make any small bathroom more space savvy.

If the number of television shows and websites that focus on the tiny house movement are any indication, this is one trend that appears to be going mainstream. From the extremes of a teeny cabin on wheels to the more moderate downsize to a smaller footprint, there are plenty of reasons that folks are choosing to pursue a tiny house lifestyle—lower cost (imagine being mortgage free!), reduced environmental impact, and increased simplicity.


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There are many sources for tiny house inspiration, such as the handful of programs on HGTV (check out Tiny House Hunters) and the real life stories featured on the Tiny House Newsletter—they recently featured the story of a millionaire CEO who gave up his luxury apartment for an Airstream trailer.

Not everyone may be ready to jump on the tiny house bandwagon (make that a tiny wagon), but there are some great space-saving ideas to borrow from compact living. Tiny House for Us has a number of great tips, including repurposing materials typically found on a boat, in the home. Another way to save space in any location is by going vertical—using wall space wherever you can find it.

As you might guess, we’re pretty big fans of utilizing vertical space. Using MyShower products throughout your home is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to save space and stay organized. MyShower users have shared many ideas on how they’re saving space with the MyShower products—from the laundry room, to the kitchen and, of course, the bathroom.

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