Time for college? Get prepared with these great ideas.

The beginning of every school year brings a mixed bag of emotions, and that doesn’t change when your kid is heading off to college. In the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to overlook the emotional aspect of this big change. Smooth the transition by preparing along with packing up laptops, books, and towels.


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Start by reading up a little on the subject. Psychologist and author Tamar Chansky wrote a helpful list of ideas for coping on HuffPost Parents. While the advice is directed to students, it’s useful for parents too. For example, be prepared for the waves of emotions to come by keeping fun activities in mind for when one of those waves hit. Get out, get involved, and soon you’ll get happy. For more helpful advice, check the college’s web site and the real-life experience of two moms on Flown and Grown Flown and Grown.

Plenty of things have changed on campus since you were a student, from Wi-Fi to the dinner menu. One big change is on drop-off day, and (wait for it)… parent orientation! It’s a real thing and a growing trend according to NODA, the National Orientation Directors Association. The goal of parent orientation is to help put parents at ease with having their children away at school, and to provide parents with resources to help a student adjust to college life, according to Joyce Holl, NODA Executive Director.


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On the practical side of prepping for college is all the stuff. We found plenty of checklists, and your child’s college likely provides one, but the voice of experience is perhaps the best teacher. One freshman compiled a list of the 21 most forgotten items that is sure to provide at least one ‘aha moment’ for any student, though we’re not sure a wristlet needs to be at No. 6 on the list!

To help reduce the chaos and clutter, we recommend using MyShower products in a shared bath. MySmile and MyShave keep toothbrushes and razors handy and off countertops and tub rims. Use MyShower accessories in the tub for shampoos, conditioners, and soap. All MyShower stylish products are rustproof and mildew resistant — a big plus for every college dorm suite or apartment bath!

Have you caught Tiny House fever? How MyShower can make any small bathroom more space savvy.

If the number of television shows and websites that focus on the tiny house movement are any indication, this is one trend that appears to be going mainstream. From the extremes of a teeny cabin on wheels to the more moderate downsize to a smaller footprint, there are plenty of reasons that folks are choosing to pursue a tiny house lifestyle—lower cost (imagine being mortgage free!), reduced environmental impact, and increased simplicity.


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There are many sources for tiny house inspiration, such as the handful of programs on HGTV (check out Tiny House Hunters) and the real life stories featured on the Tiny House Newsletter—they recently featured the story of a millionaire CEO who gave up his luxury apartment for an Airstream trailer.

Not everyone may be ready to jump on the tiny house bandwagon (make that a tiny wagon), but there are some great space-saving ideas to borrow from compact living. Tiny House for Us has a number of great tips, including repurposing materials typically found on a boat, in the home. Another way to save space in any location is by going vertical—using wall space wherever you can find it.

As you might guess, we’re pretty big fans of utilizing vertical space. Using MyShower products throughout your home is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to save space and stay organized. MyShower users have shared many ideas on how they’re saving space with the MyShower products—from the laundry room, to the kitchen and, of course, the bathroom.

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